Tuition for private music lessons is $100 per month for four (4) 30-minute time reservations. Payment can be made by credit or debit card using automatic recurring billing (see below).  See my studio policies for more details.

Free Lesson for New Students

New students are eligible for a free, no-obligation trial lesson to help gauge whether I am a good fit for the student. After this first session, payment is expected in order to continue lessons.


Attendance and Billing

I use Music Teachers Helper to track lesson attendance and billing, and I recommend parents sign up for an account to view their billing history. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. I also send out e-mails about lessons reminders and payment receipt confirmations.

Automatic Recurring Billing

Parents are encouraged to sign up for automatic recurring billing to save time and avoid late charges. Simply click the button below to add or update your credit or debit card information. This authorization can be revoked at any time. Billing services are provided by Coda Partners. Visit this page for answers about automatic billing.


Cancellation and Unused Lessons

Students may cancel at any time and it is recommended that the student attend their remaining lessons. Refunds are not issued for unused lessons.