Studio Policies


Student agrees to comply with the standards and rules as set forth from time to time by MusicalAnnie Studios (“the studio”). Failure to comply with these standards and rules will entitle MusicalAnnie Studios to terminate the student’s enrollment without prior notice to the student.


The amount of tuition is $100 per month for four lesson time reservations (as of 9/1/2017). Tuition payments are due on the 3rd of the month and are payable by credit or debit card. A $30 fee will be assessed for payments that do not successfully complete by the third business day following the due date. Lessons are not guaranteed to be taught if tuition has not been paid. Students starting later than the first week of the month will be assessed tuition on a pro-rated basis. Parents are required to fill out the automatic tuition payment form prior to commencing lessons.


Student attendance at scheduled lessons, rehearsals and performances is required. Students that are tardy for a scheduled instructional lesson, rehearsal or performance cannot be guaranteed the full scheduled time. If the student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, the student will contact the instructor directly via the studio’s posted phone number or e-mail address prior to the scheduled lesson time in order for the student to be considered excused. No make-up lesson is available for students who miss their scheduled lesson time and notify the studio afterwards.

Students that are unable to attend a scheduled lesson due to serious illness or family emergency should contact the instructor as soon as possible. It is the sole discretion of the instructor whether an absence due to serious illness or family emergency is considered excused.

Student absences which fall outside of the above categories (i.e. more than one excused absence per month, absence without sufficient/no notice or due to serious illness or family emergency) are not eligible for make-up. After the 2nd absence in a row for which the student has not given prior notice to the studio, the student will be withdrawn from the studio and is subject to the terms of discontinuation stated in the discontinuation section of this document. Due to the nature of the course, there are no make-ups or credits for group lessons, including recitals, workshops, rehearsals and performances.


It is the responsibility of the student or parent to schedule make-up lessons. Only one excused, regularly-scheduled lesson per calendar month is eligible for make-up and must be held during regular teaching hours. Make-up lessons must be scheduled and attended within 30 days of the missed lesson.


The studio offers one free trial lesson for new students. By paying for and attending lesson sessions after the trial lesson, you agree to the terms and conditions stated under the cancellation section of this document.


Students wishing to discontinue lessons shall give written or verbal notice of withdrawal 30 days in advance of ceasing lessons. Attendance to any remaining lessons is recommended, as no refunds will be given for remaining lessons. Once a student has withdrawn from the studio, his/her time slot will be filled by another student. The studio cannot guarantee that a particular time slot will be available should the student choose to return at a later date.


Students are financially obligated to the studio for all tuition and fees related to lessons. If payment is not made in full, the student or parent/guardian’s account may be reported to credit bureaus and/or turned over to an outside collection agency. The studio will have the right to collect from the student or parent/guardian its reasonable costs and fees incurred in enforcing the studio policies.


Information in the student’s file must be kept current. The student or parent/guardian is required to update information furnished herein as necessary. It is the student or parent/guardian’s responsibility to maintain a current e-mail address as many communications by the studio will occur electronically.


If the student appears ill, has a fever, is vomiting or shows symptoms of a communicable disease, the student should not participate in workshops, lessons, rehearsals or performances.


The undersigned understands that, consistent with the circumstances of the situation, the studio will attempt to contact and follow the instructions of the parent, guardian, physician or other person(s) designated by such. In the event that the studio is unable to contact the parent, guardian, physician or other designated person(s), the undersigned hereby grants permission to the studio to contact and comply with the advice of an available physician, ambulance personnel or emergency room personnel. The undersigned understands and acknowledges that the studio does not offer any medical insurance to protect against injuries, makes no claim to do so, and has no responsibility for any medical expenses incurred. The undersigned hereby agrees that he/she will be solely responsible for and will promptly pay any expense which may be incurred by the studio in making emergency care (including transportation to and treatment at the nearest hospital) available to the student.